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Back Pain & Migraines

I have been suffering from back pain & migraines for most of my life. The past few months, my pain has been almost unbearable. Just to give you an idea, I must take Extra Strength Tylenol, Tylenol Arthritis & Ibuprofen EVEWRY SINGLE DAT JUST TO FUNCTION.SOMETIMES MY PAIN IS SO BAD, I HAVE TO TAKE 4 IBUPROFEN & 2 TYLENOL JUST TO BE ABLE TO GET OUT OF MY DOOR. I will be transparent & add that I have also been drinking to mask my pain. (Hence the fact that I now weight 200 lbs.) I have also been under Chiropractic care & Massage therapy for most of my adult life with some relief or temporary relief but never a permanent solution.  I reached out to Steve hoping for a deep tissue massage because my migraines & back pain have progressed so much that I was beginning to believe that this is just my new life. IN JUST TWO SESSIONS WITH STEVE, I AM ELATED TO ANNOUNCE THAT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARS, I AM COMPLETELY PAIN FREE!! I have not had to take an Ibuprofen, Tylenol, or Tylenol Arthritis in 2 weeks! My sessions consisted of his Trigger Point Therapy work. I CAN NOT TELL YOU HOW INCREDIABLY GRATEFUL & ELATED I AM WITH HIS SERVICES! I still believe in Chiropractic care, but I no longer must go every week. The underlying issue to my knots, tight muscles & Back pain were addressed at my initial appointment and practically fixed that day. I walked away with a relief I can’t explain.  The 2nd appointment was to address my lower back pain and BOOM! LOWER BACK PAIN GONE.IN ONE SESION! ONE SESSION! My muscles and knots have almost practically released. I will probably never have to waste money on a massage again because Steve has taken away my pain through Trigger Point Therapy. I ‘d love to add that my daily headaches & migraines that my doctor blamed on my peri menopause & hormone changes are also GONE!!!!I CAN NOT RECOMMEND STEVE ENOUGH. 1 MILLION TIMES OVER & OVER IT’S A RESOUNDING YEST FOR ME.  Please make your appointment TODAY & let him know I referred you! You can thank me later.  Call Steve at: (317) 973.0888Yesterday was the 1st day I was able to wear heels an ENTIRE WORKDAY and I had ZERO BACK PAIN.  Thank you, Steve at Indy Myopain Relief CENTER.


Melissa D

Depression Lifted

  I feel my spine is much better.  I no longer feel depressed as my whole person is now comfortable.  Thank you for your treatment!


Nina S.

Steve pretty much saved my life. I’ve been having issues since February of last year and modern medicine could not provide me any answers after numerous tests and doctor visits, so I found Indy Myopain online and decided to give it a shot. I have been able to function so much better since I started seeing him in August and he has continued to help me to try to find the source of my issues. I highly recommend making an appointment if you have any muscle related issues.


- Michael S six months


Steve helped me greatly reduce my severe chronic migraines. I had gone to massage therapists for years and never got any substantial relief. I had a constant clicking in my neck, visual auras, brain fog, you name it. I won't say my symptoms are completely gone, but they are reduced so much that I feel so free and able to live life more happily. Best use of my time and money!!!

- Toni C 4 months ago


I came to Indy Myopain for a couple nagging, painful issues in my lower and upper back. The evaluation was very thorough and combined with the first treatment which is nice. Steve is very resourceful and a good communicator. He explained what was happening and how the treatments were aimed at correcting my issues. I recommend Steve.  My back is feeling better already!


Drew D Month ago

Steve is wonderful, my wife leaves every session so refreshed and relieved. She gets regular massages, but it does not compare to what session with Steve does in terms of relieving pain. Wonderful! cannot recommend enough to everyone.


Zhang Peng

-Nhat T, Visual Artist

I was lucky that Steve worked on my shoulder a few months ago, I had a tendon’s tear due to a fall . It was amazing experience as well as my problem has greatly improved.  I was very impressed that how knowledgeable, professional, and thoughtful was Steve. Myopain Relief staffs are very friendly and helpful! I am very grateful for their wonderful services!

CJ Pabla MD

Steven is awesome. His technique and therapy are the only things that helped my back. He is a miracle worker.  
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