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Pure Patient Direct

Pure Patient Direct is our new, online service that lets you order the Pure Encapsulations supplements that your healthcare practitioner or Indy Myopain has advised for you. You can order the exact supplements you need with confidence and convenience, knowing that they are backed by the expertise of your healthcare practitioner, or Indy Myopain. All you need to do is set up your account with Indy Myopain's special code to order your recommended products. Your orders are filled directly by Pure Encapsulations, the maker, and delivered to your door with our fast and FREE shipping.

Assortment of Pills

Pure Goodness at Our Core

At Pure Encapsulations®, we believe that the quality of what’s inside matters. That’s why we’ve dedicated the last 30 years to researching, innovating, and creating our extensive line of superior supplements, to offer you over 400 specially formulated products made with pure, high-quality ingredients supported by sound science to enhance your care plan. Only what your patients need and nothing they don’t—that’s goodness encapsulated.


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